Thursday, 27 December 2012

Inspirational ways for Voiceover success

Like many people post-Christmas-celebrations, for me the end of a year and the start of a new one brings the perfect opportunity to assess the path my business and career focus has taken to date, and to realign my visions for the future, with especial interest for the next 12 months. In this blog I shall talk you through a few of the thought processes, activities and inspirational books I turn to, to ensure I keep my voiceover ambitions and achievements in check for the coming year.

With the day-to-day pressures of business, personal and family life it is easy to forget that each little step and each little job is taking you on a journey with your career. Make sure the steps you take are taking you in the direction you wish to go! I use a huge Vision Board, placed clearly on my fridge door in the kitchen as a daily reminder of what I wish to achieve. This is a technique borrowed from Julia Cameron's, 'The Artist's Way', which I find hugely powerful (her book I cannot recommend highly enough for creative types stuck in a rut). Once upon a time I would randomly rip pictures from magazines that appealed to me on some level, but now I am much more targeted in how I create my collage. I hunt on the web for images and logos of the kind of brands I would like to voice for, of agents I would like to be in engaged by, of animators that inspire me, and audiobook production companies I'd be delighted to narrate for. I add to that pictures of studio equipment that I would like to add to my fine collection, and together with glue and scissors I have a whale of a time putting together my vision of my future career. I get really sucked into it, and then stick it up with a magnet somewhere prominent, and promptly forget all about it. Somehow it works its magic by being a daily reminder of the things I wish to strive for and achieve. Try it. It works. And you can adapt it as you acheive your goals.
I am a huge fan of motivational books, and one that I encountered in 2012 is so inspiring, and better still, Voiceover specific that I intend to dip into it from time to time in 2013. Joan Baker and her colleagues created 'Secrets of Voice-over Success', and it is well worth a look. Another book that found its way to me by recommendation from a stranger-turned-friend (you know who you are!) is 'The Dream giver' by Bruce Wilkinson. It is a beautiful parable of striving for your Dream, and makes sending just one more email, or making just one more cold call, or doing one final edit on an audition demo just that little bit more bearable. It reminds me of why I am doing what I love to do, even on the days I wish I was anywhere but the studio!
Pinboard — Stock Photo #5407180I intend this year to keep a list of my all goals in full view in my office so that I am constantly reminded of them when I settle down to work.  I shall have a similar list right next to it which will grow as the year goes on - it'll contain all the 'good stuff' I have achieved. That could be making a new client, achieving a certain number of Tweets, or attaining a financial goal. It could be compiling a new demo, reaching a certain number of readers for my blog, or receiving positive feedback about my work. This year I shall take stock of all my mini-successes, and celebrate them in some way. It is good to take stock before moving forward.
Working for yourself, it is imperative that you keep motivated, and I have shared with you some daily things that help me. What could you do to make 2013 a year of successes for you? If my ideas help inspire you, let me know. Equally if you have a real gem of a way to stay motivated, please do let me know and I can add it to my New Year's Day repertoire!