Saturday, 1 November 2014

Keeping up to date

For many months now I have known that I was in need of an update. Not just demos but headshots and all the promotional material. Website overhauls and all that palaver. The trouble is, I had so little time in my schedule to actually make it happen! So I took all of October to work on it, as I knew it was important to represent myself in a way that I am happy with online.

I had loved my commercial demo a few years ago which I recorded with the lovely Gary Terzza, and I had refreshed it from time to time with completed real audio when contracts and clients allowed. I had been so chuffed with my website and publicity headshots and branding about four years ago when they were done. But times change, and so has my style, both vocally and visually. For a long while I knew that the image I was 'putting out there' no longer fit like a glove.  Also my focus has changed. I have established myself as not only a British female Voice over, but also as an Audiobook Narrator, and I have returned to my acting roots when time allows. So it certainly was high time I sorted my demo's out.

One of the things that held me back in terms of updating my reels was deciding whom I should ask to produce my reel. It is a very different beast creating new material once you have established yourself as a busy VO, to the experience of being a newbie entering a studio for the first time to have a stab in the dark at being behind the mic, or even refreshing after a few years in the game. And I decided that I wanted to go with someone that I hadn't worked with before who could give a fresh approach to how my voice can sound.

Time and again I had heard recommendations for JP at The Showreel from not only Voices but producers, so I decided to give him a go! The waiting list procedure itself speaks volumes about his credibility. He managed to squeeze me in to a cancellation slot thankfully.

I had a fantastic few hours in JP's new studio in Soho. He  really knows his stuff, and worked uber efficiently yet pickily (is that a word?) on getting the content of my reel to his high standard.

You can hear the fruits of our labours here:

When was the last time you created a new demo? Make sure you aren't letting the team down by sounding rusty (after all as a VO you are pretty much a team of one right?!). Styles and preferences change with time, and thought they might be subtle, it's important you try and stay on top of them. So go on, go and get it refreshed. It's given me a whole new lease of life!