Sunday, 1 September 2013

Recharging the batteries

This summer I did something I rarely do. I stopped. I took my foot off the pedal, and coasted along on the wave of the marketing and client contacts I have worked on continuously for months.
I checked my emails for incoming work (it's hard not to when it's on my phone), and promptly recorded all the work that came my way. I even packed up my new travel kit (Apogee MiC and stand, pop shield and my iPad)
but I still stopped. I took a well earned break from my social media and my other marketing activities, I  didn't check P2P sites, and decided to only audition for private, customised requests. 

I'll admit that at first this wasn't intentional. My internet provider let me down for endless days (actually it was 8 days, but felt like forever), and then horror of horrors, my PC died. I had backed up, mostly, except for the Audiobook I was working on. Disbelief, upset, anger. I think I was grieving. The repair took a while, and I was determined not to buy a new one until the old was proven to be incapable of resurrection.  I slipped into a calmer state of school summer holidays and enjoyment before I knew it. 

As the kids get ready for their next academic year, and the trip to Disneyland is but a distant memory, and a new cuddly toy or two, I'm about ready to jump into action again too. And you know what? I'm still here. I'm still a Voiceover Artist. I still work with some awesome clients, and I've still 'got it'. I've had a chance to reflect on some knock-backs, and to celebrate my successes. And to work out what I wish to conquer next.  It occurs to me that this was exactly what I needed, and that the Universe has provided the perfect excuse and reason to slow down by giving me issues with technology. The batteries are recharged, and I'm raring to go. Is it time you took a break?