Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Putting a Face to the Voice

Working in Voice is generally a solitary experience, working away inside a booth. Having just returned from an excellent networking opportunity at the Audio Publishers Association conference in New York, which gave me incredible opportunities to speak to and connect with the major players in the Audiobook industry, I am full of the joys of networking. And believe me, this is not something that I find easy. But I did it. I attended an Voice conference and Audies Awards Gala on my tod, and I am reaping the benefits aplenty from putting myself outside my comfort zone. So I thought I'd share with you other opportunities for Voice Actors to mix and mingle, to learn, connect, share and grow.
This Friday, June 20th 2014,  I shall be attending The VoiceOver Network's Summer Party in central
London organised by my pal and incredible VO lady, Rachael Naylor. This is the first big event for the network, which has been meeting monthly in London since late 2013. I think it looks set to be a great evening for networking with both my fellow VO's and with producers and agents. There may be a few tickets left, so why not join us? Email TheVoiceOverNetwork@rachaelnaylor.com

I can also highly recommend VOX, the UK's Voice conference. Last year I was a proud sponsor of the event which provides a forum for debate on the current state of affairs in the UK Voice Industry, with Actor's Union Equity joining the discussion alongside top radio station directors. In addition talks regarding Radio commercials, Video Games and VO Equipment took place, entwined with many opportunities to meet other Voiceover Artists, established and new. The same team, led by fellow Voxy Lady, Posy Brewer are responsible for VOXMAS (which as yet has clashed with my birthday weekend, and so I haven't made it to this!) I look forward to hearing about the plans for VOX2015.

Sound Women is a great opportunity to network with other ladies working in sound and audio, although many work in a Radio presenting or producing capacity, there is something for everyone.  They run some fantastic training and mentoring schemes though, so keep an eye out for their excellent events.

In the US, there is more choice. There is the big one, VOICE 2014, held in Anaheim (actually at Disneyland!), and there is the popular, limited ticket Faffcon, held in Tuscan, Arizona. And I'm sure there are more, but I've run out of time, and my mind has gone blank! If I've missed any obvious ones, please link in the comments section below.

Go on, get out there and network. It is great to be able to put a face to a voice you have heard online, on TV and on the Radio.