Monday, 13 June 2016

Corporate Video Voice- It's not about you.

When working on voiceovers for Corporate videos on live sessions, often I find myself with a multitude of people on the other end of the line, all with valid and important input into the the script and my performance of it.
Corporate Video Voiceover
This can sometimes lead to conflicting advice and direction, and can be confusing. In some instances, it can even cause a feeling of panic. I think the thing to remember though is that you are just the final piece in a jigsaw that they have been invested in for quite some time. The end result matters to them, and has a direct impact on their business, and on the reactions to their work by their colleagues and peers. There is a reason why they are giving you feedback on your performance, and they are not always skilled at working with performers. The key thing here : IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU.

Your voice, and consequently you, are just the icing on the cake. It matters that you get it right. It matters that you are easy to work with. So don't get in your own way. Don't take any perceived criticism to heart. All they are seeking is the best vocal performance to fit their beloved project.

Do all that you can that seems reasonable to provide alternative and differing versions of your read. Ask any questions you need to that will help you understand the way they hope the video to go. Worst case scenario, ask them to say it aloud. It'll give you a better grounding in how to perform the script back to them. It isn't a failing, it is feedback. The more choices and flexibility in your performances, the more likely they are to hear something that sits right with them.

The sooner you can recover from any feedback that seems harsh or unfair, the better you finished performance will be. And the more gracious you can be about it, the better.

If you find yourself getting hot under the collar during the session, speak up and ask for a moment to gather your thoughts. The most confident performers are not afraid to do this. It shows integrity, commitment and professionalism.

After all, if you can stay calm, and be flexible, the client will get the product that they hope for, and be more likely to book you again. So speak up if you need to, and ask away.

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